VINOS Plain Kurano Amazake [Bottle] (720mL)

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In 1913, a small liquor shop “YAMAZAKI SAKETEN” was founded in Shizuoka city. The first owner, YAMAZAKI TOYOSAKU, was selling SAKE, MISO, and SHOYU to the neighbors by pulling a small wheel cart called Daihachi-Guruma.
The second generation, YAMAZAKI TATSUMI, took over his father’s business. With a strong passion for expanding local SAKE in Shizuoka to the people all over Japan, he began a long journey to find hidden but wonderful small breweries.
At that time, Shizuoka was not famous for SAKE as compared with the other area, even though the quality and taste were on the top level. TATSUMI kept an effort to make more people know SAKE in Shizuoka step by step working together with the breweries.
ISOJIMAN, HATSUKAME, KAIUN, GARYUBAI, SHOSETSU… now become well known nationwide as the outstanding local producers representing Shizuoka. We keep following TASTUMI’s spirit with these producers.
  • The Japanese Sake makers are well-known in Shizuoka
  • Using the lees from Junmai Daiginjo (Shizuoka) to produce the Amazake.
  • Fragrance-free, Additive-free
  • Contains vitamin B and fiber-rich bring numerous health benefits, one drink a day is recommended
  • Using the refined Japanese Sugar (Wasanbon sugar) which is mainly used in Japanese confectioneries, it has lower calorie and bring out a better taste
  • It is round in taste with freshness, highly recommend with food pairing.


Keep refrigerated after opening

*Photo for reference only.


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