INNOTIER InnoCapsule UVC Disinfection Pouch

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Product Introduction 

InnoCapsule is part of the InnoTier’s IN-Travel series. 

Our UVC disinfection pouch, InnoCapsule, is the perfect companion piece for the sustainably conscious and smart living traveller. This stylish and functional UVC disinfection pouch removes up to 99.9% of common germs and bacteria on the surfaces of your personal items in just 3 minutes. 



  • Constructed with 6 certified UVC LED placed at the front and back of a reflective interior design, maximize the sterilizing effect of the item(s) inside 
  • One-button disinfection – convenient, easy to operate and user-friendly.  
  • User friendly with 4 steps to operate – Zip me, Magnet me, Connect me & Press me
  • Consists of a Magnetic Safety Lock that prevents any possible exposure to UV radiation 
  • All certified by International reputable testing labs SGS &STC
  • Suitable for sterilizing the surface of items such as smartphones (switched off), gloves, face masks, glasses, keys, pens, and non-plastic eating utensils, etc. 
  • Portable and convenience to carry around. Detachable shoulder strip or waist strip

Color: Black 

Size: 19cm x 13cm x 7cm


*Photo for reference only.

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