BRUNO CALEGARI French Pink Paris Mushroom with Whole Foot (200g)

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Bruno Galegari農場自18世紀起以傳統方式在超過15公頃的地底下種植蘑菇,於黑暗和濕潤的地窖為蘑菇提供完美的生長環境,保留了真正的蘑菇味道。農場的專業人員更會嚴格挑選,保證所採摘的蘑菇優質又新鮮。烹調時無需加水, 口感更結實兼有彈性。

  • origin:France
  • texture: Smooth and soft, buttery
  • flavour: rich Mushroom flavor
  • suggested cooking method: Sauteed, Baked without adding water



Keep refrigerated

*Photo for reference only.

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