ANCESTRAL Natural Spring Salt Fleur De Sel (150g)

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Behind Ancestral Spring Salt is a family of master salt makers who have been producing pure and natural spring salt for generations, manually harvesting salt with the aid of only their expert hands and know-how—without any chemical processes or machines. The knowledge and know-how that have been passed down from generation to generation are—with nature’s help—what enable us to produce our salt.


  • The salt is completely contamination free: the strategic location of our spring (700 m above sea level and a long way away from any industry or contamination source) and the origin of the salt deposits (formed 220 million years ago).
  • In order to maintain the essence and purity of our salt, we do not use any process or technique to improve the end product.
  • Due to the period in which the deposits feeding our spring (Late Triassic) were formed and that the end product does not undergo any washing or alteration, our salt is especially rich in more than 84 minerals. Some of the minerals that can be found in higher concentrations in Ancestral Natural Spring Salt are potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium or manganese, among others.
  • Sustainable packaging made of compostable and recyclable materials like the inner bag made from potato starch.


Store in cool dry place

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