Hot, Concentrate & Mix Powder

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CARNATION Squeezy Condensed Milk  (170g)
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CARNATION Evaporated Milk  (170g)
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FLORTE Honey With Blueberry  (220g)
FLORTE Honey With Blackberry  (220g)
FLORTE Honey With Raspberry  (220g)
FLORTE Honey With Cherry  (220g)
FLORTE Honey With Apricot  (250g)
FLORTE Honey With Cranberry  (250g)
CALPIS Concentrated Lactobacillius Drink - Grape  (470mL)
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HOSHINO Matcha Au Lait Powder  (7 x 15g)
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SWISS MISS No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix  (165g)
SWISS MISS Marshmallow Lovers Hot Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows  (268g)
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HORLICK'S The Original Malted Milk Drink - Traditional  (300g)
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KAYANOYA Concentrated Yuzu Citrus Drink  (280g)
AROMA IPOH Malay Teh Tarik 3-In-1 Instant Milk Tea  (320g)
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